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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Sitting in the railway station...

got a ticket to my destination. At least I think I do! I am in Lviv, in Ukraine, awaiting the last leg of my trip to Czeernowitz. The trip has involved flying from Boston to Amsterdam to Warsaw to Krakow, where I spent the last day and a half. Left Krakow last night, a three train ride. The station here in Lviv is elegant. I hope I have a chance to visit the city, I hear it is a delightful place.

I am, at the moment, rather frustrated. Just spent the last half hour describing my experiences in Krakow, only to have the internet shut off because my time was up. So I am starting again, but will have to leave most of the describing until later. Also, it is 6:30 AM and I have had no sleep, although a very pleasant and comfortable ride in a sleeper for 4 hours in train #2. It wasn't because the train wasn't comfortable, it was. I think I am just too excited about getting to Czernowitz and meeting the group.

I stayed at the Klezmer Hois Hotel in Krakow, which I loved and recommend. It's quaint and funky and filled with antiques and Judaica. There's a restaurant, and as one might expect, Klezmer music.

I will stop here for now, because I am nervous both about the internet shutting off again, and also missing my train, which is in about 15 minutes. And since the woman at the ticket window told me that it didn't exist, I showed her my print out from home and she eventually found it!

Next stop, Czernowitz. If you don't hear from me in a while, I am probably catching up on sleep. Hope there's beds where we are staying. My last stint, in Peru, we all slept crammed together on the floor. The crammed part was harder than the floor part. The brief description of the project mentioned a dorm, so I am hoping we are staying at the university, as I did in Romania.

Well, better go. Jo


Unknown said...

Hi Joanna,

it's wonderful to follow you on your journey. My journey will start tomorrow and I'm as much excited as you are.

Did you at least have a chance to take a look on Lviv?

Best wishes

Joanna said...

Only the train station, and I was half asleep! See you soon.