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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Aujourd'hi, le Jeu de Paume, Les Tuileries, and more

I slept late and almost missed breakfast at the hotel, which is in what is the bar at night. They apologized and said they had no more bread. Breakfast is usually orange juice, coffee, croissants, bread, butter, and jam. I asked if they had any croissants. No problem, and they brought me a basket of croissants and little tiny pains au chocolat. Later, the woman came over with the remaining two pains au chocolat. I could only manage one; truly. I went first to a "new", for me, flea market that I'd never before heard of. I woman I stopped to ask for directions told me there was a market, but no flea market, there. She was wrong. It was 1 pm, and vendors were already starting to pack up. But I found some fantastic advertising posters that I wound up carting around with me for the rest of the day, attracting a bit of attention in the Jeu de Paume, the museum I went to this afternoon.

I'm actually going to stop here, because it's 10pm, I'm suddenly very hungry, and I want to take the time to describe the incredible museum exhibit when I am not feeling rushed, which will hopefully be tomorrow, but, if not, after I return home.

One more day of adventures...

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