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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Bqck to Paris

Here I am finally in the small studio apt that I found online. It's great, just what I imagined. What sold me on it was the balcony with views of both the Eiffel Tower and Montmarte, the fact that it has both a washing machine and a computer, and that it's on the 7th floor but is not a walkup (the elevator goes to the 6th. It's been an ardous day getting here, starting with waking up at 6am and taking my tent down; and catching a 7am train: I'll fill in the details tomorrow!

I did a batch of laundry, hung it up on the windowsills and on the patio table and chairs. think I'll take a picture of it drying with the Eiffel Tower in the background tomorrow: Went on a cruise around the neighborhood and bought some groceries - bread, cheese, wine, some veggies qnd fruits; including the tiny haricots verts - green beans - that are so typically French.

Today is the 29th of july; and the name of the street where I am staying is Rue de 29 de juillet! I asked JP; the owner of the apt; about it, and he sent me info from Wikipedia about the 3 day revolution in the 1800's that began on this day: One of gates into the Tuileries, right where I exited the metro is the 29 de juillet gate, and that is also where this street begins. Yes, I am staying in a rather ritzy neighborhood; just a block from the Tuileries gardens and just a few blocks from the Louvre. Not that you'd know it from this rather run down building with plaster peeling off the hallway walls: But that's ok with me; it's my kind of place.

It's about 9:30; and finally starting to get dark: I'm hoping to stay awake long enough to see the Tower lit up before I fall asleep.

More tomorrow.

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