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Monday, January 19, 2009

Weekend in Barcelona

Gaudi, gaudi, more gaudi, Miro, the toilet paper artist, and probably the sexiest dancer I have ever seen. I always assumed the word gaudy comes from the artist, yet it is apparently not so.
I took the overnight train from Paris on Friday, spent Saturday night in Barcelona, took the overnight train back on Sunday to arrive in time for work on Monday. Heaven!
I saw and learned much about Gaudi, visited the Battlo House, Guell Park and La very famous Sagrada Familia, (or, as I like to think of it, our lady of perpetual construction.) Also went to a Miro museum, walked up and down La Rambla, where my hotel was, numerous times, observed the various living statues, some terrific, some mediocre, and stumbled across a fantastic dancer dancing in an arcade off the Rambla on a piece of cardboard, with a man accompanying him on a cardboard box.
The toilet paper guy's sculpture, held up by the air from a grating above the subway, was incredible, but he was an incredible grouch, yelling at me for taking a photo without having given him any money first. I had actually been planning too, but then chose not to.
I recently found out that one of my fellow volunteers on a previous trip, to Romania, had been living in Barcelona and performing as a living statue for quite a while, and during the times I had visited. ( I visited again more recently, with Carolina, in 2007.) Wouldn't it be strange if I had walked past Mina in her guise, and never known it?!

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