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Monday, July 20, 2009

More mosaic details

I am going to try to briefly catch up on our project, after all the raison d'etre of my trip here! But I hope to make it short because it is getting late and starting to get dark, and I haven't yet had supper. I hope they saved me some. Our cooking teams have been doing a great job and we have been eating well. There have been plenty of intersesting group dynamics going on, as you might expect with a group of nearly thirty. I will try next time to relate some of the group interractions. I am making progress with the French keyboard, but it is still slow going and frustrating.

Today we began to actually construct the design. Last week we had created the design, trying to incorporate some of everyone's ideas, itself an interesting process. We painted it, then laid plastic over it. This morning we traced the entire thing in black marker, then lifted it off the painted design, and hung the design on the wall (all this inside the atelier apartment. It will go on the outide wall later.)

We then cut the piece into 7 segments for teams to work on. To each segment we taped netting to which we would adhere the pieces of tile and glass. And then we begun to glue pieces on, doing further cutting where necessary to fit the spaces.

I will stop here, as it is nearly 10 pm and beginning to get dark. To be continued, hopefully soon.

A la prochain!


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